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Something I Wanna Try: Upright Guitar

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I jsut thought that the idea was kinda cool. Build a guitar with one of those little metal legs that retract into the body and have yourself an "upright guitar". I dunno, go stand next to your couch and use that to raise up the guitar and trying playing the guitar as an upright, it's not uncomfortable at all. It's kinda fun. Especially if you made the guitar in a very neo-classical way. I think it could be fun.

Anyone seen one before?


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ah ha.. the perfect candidate for..


Trust me you will have a blast-

I played in school and picked up a bsted one for $25 from a pawn shop-

Tune in 4ths instead of 5ths and what do you have?

A 4 string, bowable, frettless- Double stopable instrument of the same scale lenth as a guitar-

I'm seriously considering inlaying fretllines in the fingerboard, as the old 5th positions that are embeded in my fingers aren't very useful when tunred to 4ths:)

There's a great article out there on how to put a very good contact pup under the bridge for $25-

Anyone rember old ELO?

Go for it!

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