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Spruce Top Tobacco Burst, Or Maple?

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I'm trying to get a certain look, but not sure on the wood choice for it. I am going for a tobacco burst or violin like burst. Really less of a burst and more of a deep satiny brown leather worn sort of look like you see on many archtops or violins. No figuring in the wood. Maybe like this:




I like to keep things simple, like a mahogany body and maple top cap (BTW-this is a solid body electric). But finding really clean white maple with straight grain is almost as hard as finding nice figure. Also, I wasn't sure if plain sooft or hard maples would stain the same way as the archtops do as they are spruce tops if i am not mistaken?

So I guess tyhe question is, should I stick with plain maple? Use a Spruce top cap and carve it just like a maple cap? i don't know what that would do to the overall sound. Or is there another suitable wood that would suit this purpose?

Any help is appreciated. just picking your brains.


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