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It Arrives Today

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MiKro nailed it. :D This is why I couldn't spring for that nice plank of black limba that is right in my hometown. Me? No...I have to have 83 lbs shipped from Oregon. :D

"What can Brown do for you?"


The driver pulled up literally just after I pulled into the driveway. Got to help him carry it off the truck.

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83 pounds :| what did you buy? A couple bags of lead shot? Or is it a nice box full of wood:P. Wow well take a picture of the contents for us! Haha im just ordering a 400 load of parts from stewmac in a second here. Hello my first violin project, im going to follow M_A_T_T's guide mand did he make a good one.

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Yes, loony tunes. When your proj MUST have that certain kind of top, and it is nowhere to be found, and you can accept no substitute, these are the lengths that crazy people will go to.

Here's the back side. It is a "scab" board from the outermost part of the tree.


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Quilted waterfall bubinga with sapwood. I've been collecting lumber for a bass proj, and decided it must have a bookmatched waterfall bubinga top with sapwood in it, after I'd seen a piece that was sold on the 'Bay. I only needed enough for a 1/4" drop top, but could not find the figure I was looking for anywhere. Except here.

This is the section that the top will come from:


Here are some other shots of the heartwood grain and sapwood grain. There should be enough sapwood to make 1 or 2 white bubinga tops. Anyone know if bubinga takes a stain?



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Man I have to admit I am the same way about waiting. I can't stop thinking about how long it will take to get my order (especially from Gilmer). I mean I get in my car I must have to listen to at least 1-1/2 songs, look around for the wood I want (Like choosing is any fun :D ). Then of course I have to drive all the way home. B)

Well.... I had to try for some sympathy :D

Great piece mister. That should be some hella strong figure. What-what- Whhhaaaatttt.... Add color to Bubinga. It's needs no enhancing dude it is killer! :D


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Erik, not trying to rain on your parade, but Hardwoods Inc. in Frederick has massive amounts of triple octane Quilted Bubinga right there in the store. Huge whopping boards like yours, bigger even, and smaller too.

Beautiful wood, but you didn't have to go thru all that heartache and anticipation. :D

I think his address is #2 Worman's Mill Ct., Frederick, MD.

Scott knows the place. That's where I get my Alder primarily. :D

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