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Lacquer Attacking Stain Concerns Need Advice

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I have a project that I am unsure how to go about. I have a flame maple capped mahogany body and I want to stain PART of the top and then paint the rest. I'm hoping to do a multicolor dye/stain Hot Rod Flame pattern on top of the flamed maple. My questions and concerns are once the Hot Rod flame is stained (rest of guitar unpainted), will the black paint or lacquer seep through the woodgrain ruining the stained Hot Rod flames? How do I do this correctly?

To simplify, how can I combine paint and dye on this guitar and get clean lines on my pattern? I know it's possible since I've seen Warmoth selling this design in the showcase section.

Oh and obviously I'm going to practice on samples first before I attempt the real deal.


This is a visual example although I'm using a different body shape and different colors:


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What kind of lacquer paint are you using? I am no expert on this subject, but I just dyed a body, then used a water based urethane sanding sealer, then water base clear lacquer. I had no trouble at all. I know lacquer will soak into unsealed wood. Better wait for a expert on this subject. Sounds like a interesting finish job, like to see pics when you are done.

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