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Since my les paul copy project did not sell and because a few fellow PG members told me to just wait and finish it myself, i have started to finish my les paul again. It is coming out beautifully. its to bad i dont have the camera today becuase it would have been fun to watch my own progress. I picked out an awesome looking amber and black burst and its coming out really nice. i cant wait to post some pics of it tomorrow.

P.S. Thanks to everyone who told me to hold on to it. :D

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The 1st one is when I wiped it down with some amber to show it wet. The next pics is when i did another coat of the black outline. The last pic is it sanded back this morning. All thats left to really do now is another coat of amber and the clear.

Now i have a quick question. Will I be able to shoot the clear with an airbrush kit? Now that i got this far i dont want to mess up.

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