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Do You Think I Could Do This?

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Hey I was wondering if I could buy a warmoth Les Paul body but have them omit the neck pocket so I can put my own set neck in rather then a bolt on one. I don't see this being hard to do because how hard is it to not route the pocket and just leave it blank?

I gather that Warmoth's stuff is all made by CNC, so even the simplest change requires reprogramming. Since they're churning this stuff out as fast as they can, they charge up the yinyang for the littlest things.

Are you saying you're going to build your own set neck? Because building a body is far easier than building the neck--so why not just make both?

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Best thing to do is call and ask, Bro. I've ordered routed body blanks from them with just about everything i could think of done with the exceptino of final shaping. Don't see why they can't leave something 'off' the program since they make so much stuff to order for their customers, ya know?

Call 'em. It's your best bet, Senor. :D


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If you do have them omit the neck pocket, have them omit the pick ups and bridge too. It'll be way easier to get it to intonate if you have some room to play with when you attach the neck. You attach the neck, the bridge works off of the neck, and the pickups work off of the bridge. You can have em do electronics cavity though.

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