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Hey I looked at all of the tutorials, but I still do not clearly understand what steps are involved for the main color coating. I Have a sealed Bass that I want to paint white, It is a saga bass. I have already bought some polar white dupli color car paint in a can, which I believe is laquer.

1. How many coats do I have to do?

2. How long do I have to wait between each coat?

3. When is sanding neccesary?

4. What steps must I take to prepare it for the finish?

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I recently painted my first guitar too, and found this to help me- click (there's a timeline about half way down the page). It uses krylon instead of duplicolor but I assume they are pretty much the same (someone correct me if I'm wrong). I'd let it dry a little longer just to make sure, but it should work. Good luck. :D

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