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Free The Solvents!

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OK, it's been 5 weeks (37 days to be exact :D) since I shot the final coat of nitro (20-25 coats total). The finish has hardened quite nicely, but there's still a faint solvent smell - as in you have to put your nose right up to the surface to notice it.

I know some finishers like to scuff sand before hanging it up to cure, with the idea that the sanding breaks the surface film and allows the solvents to escape more easily.

Whatdya think? Scuff sand now, or leave it alone? :D


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I'd say buff it, but that's just me. You can scuff sand it and let it sit for another week if you think that's going to make it cure more. 5 weeks is plenty of time for nitro to flash off and cure the solvents, i've buffed out guitars with nitro in less than a week after spraying. You have to keep in mind it takes a long time for nitro to fully, fully cure. It's taken 7 months for some guitars i've sprayed to fully cure and evaporate all the solvents. Hell, I can smell the black strat I sprayed around November-December and 7 months later it doesnt smell. Keep in mind I buffed it out after 2 weeks using a heat lamp.

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