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Spraying With The Compressor Still On

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I was curious if one could paint with the compressor still running, it seems like it wouldn't hurt anything and it would be a good way to avoid running out of air. I am not very knowledgable about compressors so I don't know if it would put unnecessary strain on it or what. Thanks to any one who knows.

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You compressor should turn itself off after it reaches a certain PSI. Then, once you start using the air, it'll automatically kick on and supply air to the tank, atleast mine does anyways. How big is your compressor? If it's a small pancake compressor you really have no choice but to leave it on, they're only a few gallon tanks, but if you have a bigger compressor like a 10 gallon, you should have no problem with filling the tank up and spraying a body before the compressor kicks on.

I wouldn't leave the compressor running if it was located in the room you're spraying in though, but leaving it on during spraying is fine.

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