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Stew Macs Waterbased Clear?

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Has anyone here used it? just wondering how easy it is to spray, is it ready to spray, and how well does it wet sand (I used Auto Air Colors waterbased automotive paint on my new guitar for the base and graphics and you cannot wet sand the stuff, has to be sanded dry)

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I have used it for a couple of guitars. It is easy to spray, ready to spay and can be wet sanded. If you shoot to heavy coats the finish will be slightly blueish and it won’t cure hard enough. Give the coats a little more curing time than the instruction recommend and use light coats and you will be fine. The finish can become slightly white when wet sanding if you let water stay on the surface for too long. It will get clear after a wile, but I have the routine to always wipe of any access water wile sanding. I got the feeling that the finish that has got affected like that isn’t as easy to sand (getting a little softer).

I really liked the old StewMac finish, crystalac better, but I cannot get hold of it over here. I will try the KTM-9 from LMII next time.

Still it is possible to get a good result with the colortone finish. This and this was finished with colortone, so it is possible to get good results

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