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Tunamatic Bridge With Piezo, Yes Or No?


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I have yet to use one but I just got one to put in a neck through that I am building. I thing that it is going to be very nice to have a little more diversity in my guitar. I didn't buy the x-control deal, I was going to do a custom wire job with it. Want to have every other string split sides, so that E,D,B are on the left and A,G,E will be on the right for a awesome stereo efect.

I think it is worth it if you want to have an acoustic sound from your electric guitar.GOOD LUCK on whatever you decide to do..

you do need to know that the radious of the bridge is 14"


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The candidates to date are the LR Baggs TOM with the Control X and a TV Jones Classic in the Bridge position.

Then I just need to learn how to play...

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this intregues me...

I want to put an emg set in my les paul (81 and 89 respectively), AND have one of the fishman pieze bridges. For the preamp I was going to use one out of an acoustic electric (with the little "hi,low,volume" control panel in it), then just wire in an on-off-on (I don't know the technical names) switch to go between my emgs and my bridge pickup.

...I am rather curious though...You can buy the piezo diodes or whatever on ebay, so what's to stop someone from building their own bridge? Do the diodes have to be a certain distance away from the string (like a magnetic pickup), or touching it?

any thoughts?

-Devon Goodspeed

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Seriously man. I've had a couple of X bridges (same as T bridge but in a strat type trem).

Recently i got a graphtech ghost system just to see what it was like. 10 times better results. it actually does sound like an acoustic where the LR baggs sounds kinda like one. Admittidly they are a bit more expensive... but well worth it. And you can put em in whatever bridge you want (i'm using my beloved hipshot trems now :D:D:D)


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I doubt there's a big difference in the piezo's themselves, but the preamp and the amp you plug into (hint: guitar amps - not great.) make a significant difference. My own Mike Christian set (long defunct company) sounds good through the locally (Well, Paris) built 3-band EQ and plugged into the right system (keyboard amp, straight to mixing board). It's still only an acoustic-esque sound, but whaddayawant?

Me? I'd probably go with a set of GHOST saddles.

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It is in and I ran parrellel to go with my personal habits of play.


I run the piezo out to a Fender acoustasonic DSP and the Twin Blade through a Digitech RP 300.

Now I just need to learn how to play guitar!

Actually, it adds a nice set of options to the mix. I can get a fairly acoustic sound with the LR Baggs.


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