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Anybody Have Fender Scn Pups?


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I bought the the samiam cobalt noiseless pickups on ebay. The color was supposed to be white but it aint.

The covers are on real tite and not easy to remove like a vintage dimarzio.

Can these cobalt covers be safely removed?

Nope, can't really remove the covers. They are non-standard in depth anyway, so your regular covers won't work. GREAT pickups, though.

I have 1 cream colored scn middle position. Quite honestly I can't remember if it came white and has aged (from a 2004 guitar) or if Fender offers it in three colors. In any case, if you want it shoot me a pm with an offer.

LMAO! Ofcourse regular covers won't, but I would like to put stacked white covers on them. SCN comes in 4 colors: white, aged white, black and parchment. These 2 are parchment covers. My vintage stacked dimarzio cover comes off very easy but these cobalt covers unfortunately don't seem to budge. These 2 cobalts were yanked off a 2006 strat.

Is there a trick to safely remove the covers?

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