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Automotive Sandpaper Vs Wood Sandpaper

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I would go with wet/dry sandpaper. Stay away from the garnet covered paper sandpaper unless you are dry sanding. Finish coat sanding is primarily done with the addition of water (wetsanding). It doesn't matter if the paper's application is for autobody purposes or not but it should say "waterproof paper" on the back. And you WILL find the best paper at your local autobody supply store. I use paper made by nortonabrasives.com and another brand called "GatorGrit".

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Try eastwood co. They have rolls of "stick it" no name brand (or at least not a brand I have heard of brfore). For about $14. It is just as good if not better than the 3M stuff. At a fraction of the price. It you're in canada you dont pay duty cuz its a canadian distributer.

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