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Bridge And Stop Piece For Lp

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My brother and I are going to build 2 Lp together as our first guitar project. Wood is on the way via Eric H. and now we need to get some hardware.

Regarding bridge and stops there are many choices and the pricing is all over the place. Could I get some recommendations, Please? I am looking for good quality, not sure what was used orignally.

Pickups, I'm pretty happy with the real SD's '59 and JB on my Schecter, So I think we'll get those too unless someone can offer a better alternative.

Tuners, I seemed to remeber GRover's were on my original LP's but again I want good quality for the price ... lots of choices here too.

I actually put together a spreadsheet with all the different options and pricing from several manufacturers (Warmouth, Grizzly, StewMac, All parts and others) and now I'm even more confused. I prefer advice from experienced builder.

Hope you can help ,



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