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Nut Files

al heeley

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I've been scouring round for a set of nut files. the StewMac set has a basic flaw (imho) in that they are shaped so the sides stick in the slot and you don't get a nice round profile.

The Ibanez nut files have been recommended but UK prices are crazy: Luthiers Merc in US have them for $90, in the UK they are £85. Grrrr.

I was also recommended a neat alternative, a set of welders jet nozzle welding tip cleaners, at £1.99!

I have fouind this on a UK website:


welding tip cleaners


I was wondering if anyone had any experience of using these gadgets, basically a set of different thickness rod files, for cutting nuts?

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Thanks guys, glad to know I'm not barking up the wrong tree.

Now do I spend $8.99 for some welding tip cleaners sold as special fret cutting tools, or $2.35 for welding tip cleaners sold as welding tip cleaners? B)

You shouldn't buy the $8.99 welding tip cleaners as special fret cutting tools. They can't cut frets :D .

I think the $2.35 welding tip cleaners are cheap enough to give a shot as nut files though :D .



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These damn things get way more praise than they deserve. I have them, and use them * a little *. The thinner sizes bend so easily, they will help you make some crappy string slots.

Now, if they could be welded to something that would keep them from bending, they'd be much more useful, but still wouldn't surpass the round edge files.

I think it's safe to say that "toothed" feeler gauges are a step up from these tip cleaners.

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