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My Kritz Semi-hollowbody Getting Built

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Hey, I remember way back when I was originally getting my Kritz guitars and said one was being made for me from scratch some people were interested in progress pics. And so I asked him for some (I was interested too), and just TOTALLY forgot to post them back then. Either way, here's they are:

Heres their CNC setup:


Done With The CNC

Finished Guitar

Neck Alone

Neck Glueing Up

Pickup Winding

Rough Carved

Rough CNCed

CNC Close-Up

This is truely cool, look at the neck pocket, it's a curve, cause the neck carve continues all the way through the neck... there's NO heel at all :D the wonders of CNC. You can also see what the hollow pattern is in this pic. Very open like Myka's Dragonflies but no need for bracing because of that raised middle section of the top.

Sanded Body


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Cool stuff. Does this guitar have the asymmetrical neck profile and their 4everneck? When are you expecting delivery?

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Yes, it features both the asymetric neck, and it's a 4ever neck. And I've had it for over 6 months actually, hahaha, I jsut always forgot to upload these pics. I've got two, an SJ202 (this hollowbody seen above) and a full mahogany solidbody H202 (H instead of S means a smaller body where the bridge block is almost at the rear! really nice size). It also has all the bells and whistles. Not to mention Seymour Duncans.


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I'm really not a stickler on neck carves. The ONLY neck carve I've EVER felt weird with was this one warwick that was really boated out back. As for this, I really don't notice much of a difference. I'm usually a "thumb over the top edge 60s left hand" style player. And that feels fine to me on here. I can see how if you play like speed metal riffs where you need your thumb right in the center of the neck it COULD be weird since it's slanted there instead of flat... but I don't have the guitar with me right now, and I don't really play that, so I can't tell you 100% sure. As for sound I'm in LOVE with the hollowbody. Really wide fat sound, especially when you mix both the neck and bridge pickups. As for the other solidbody mahogany with SD pickups I'm not as happy with this one. Don't get me wrong, it's gorgeous, has got an amazing bird's eye maple fretboard! But it doesn't really sustain as well as I think it should. Like think of playing the opener to ACDC's "ThunderStruck" and it just can't really do it... it doesn't have the certain ring to it. But it DOES make up for it with it's tone knob. I don't know WHAT they put on this tone knob but it does some FUNKY COOL alterations to the sound like I've never heard a tone knob do before!

All in all, I love the SJ202, the H202 I COULD do without... but I'm not MAD I bought it. Especially since I got SUCH a great deal on it since I was buying two.


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