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Headstock Binding Depth?

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Last guitar I made, I routed for the binding at the headstock at the full 1/4" that the binding was. (I was using the left over from binding the fretboard and body) It looks wierd. The only guitar I'd owned with any sort of binding was a cheap Sanatoga 12-string electric, where the "binding" appears to be an area masked off after spraying the primer and before the color coats, (looks wierd with a 1/4" binding from the side, but basically no binding width looking from the top) but no binding on the headstock. So I'd never really looked at the binding on a headstock closely, and it never occured to me that binding on the headstock shouldn't be as deep as on the body. (When the binding is almost more than half of the depth of the headstock, it looks a little wierd)

I suppose I can go measure the depth on someone elses guitar or just experiment before I do the actual route on the guitar I'm working on now, but out of curiosity, how deep do folks route the binding on your headstocks? Thanks!

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Hrm - now I'm thinking with the look I'm going for (all mahogany with black hardware and black trim) on this guitar, it might look nice if the headstock binding was the full depth of the headstock - although this would make the transition from the headstock into the neck interesting - I'd have to experiment a bit to see if the look is actually good - maybe mock it up with electrical tape or something. Anyone know where I can get plastic binding material in a rather large depth? Anyone seen a guitar with this look? It seems like it could look either rather cool or rather hideous. Probably the latter.

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