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Repairing Lacquer Split

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OK, so while I was being careful to keep the bridge stud and string-through holes dry during wet sanding, I forgot to keep an eye on the 5-way switch slot. The wood got just wet enough to swell and crack the lacquer between the slot and one of the mounting holes, and a little bit past that. :D

How would you go about repairing this? I'm guessing it would involve some very careful sanding (edit - or possibly cutting it out a bit to enlarge it into a "chip" that can be drop filled?)and some butyl cellosolve (or a similar solvent) to re-flow the lacquer, then some drop filling. I'll post a pic of the carnage tonight. :D

Thanks for the help. B)


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I found some info in the MIMF library :D that might work...

CA isn't recommended for lacquer repairs - apparently it refracts light differently and is harder than nitro, making it difficult to level properly. Works well with poly finishes.

Thanks though, Pr3Va1L. B)

Anyone with experience, feel free to add your $0.02. :D

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I found this tutorial at frets.com. As long as it doesn't mess up the underlying stain, this might do it. :D

Yeah, but I bet these 5 words send a shiver down your spine...

After a month's drying time...


The repair on that site is completely invisible

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Yeah well you did seem to need some psychological counselling to get you through the last month :D

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Well good luck with whatever you do :D

I'd hate to see anything go wrong with this guitar- it looks fantastic!

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Turns out there was a bit of buffing compound in there, so I ended up following Frank Ford's tutorial, enlarging the crack with an x-acto and cleaning it out. I brushed on a bit of lacquer retarder, let it dry for a couple of hours, then filled it with lacquer. It needs a bit more to fill it up before I level and buff it out, but it looks like it's going to be an invisible repair. :D

(BTW - She's all set up and getting some playing time :D while I let the repair cure for a few weeks.)

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