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Trouble Fretting Bound Ebony Neck

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Hello guys, I've been working on a new project and this one has a bound ebony neck, it's the first time I use ebony so it has been a little bit tough for me. Now I'm putting the frets but I have a problem: the frets don't sit well on the edges of the fretboard, they are a little separated from the binding. I don't know if it´s because of the radius of the frets or maybe should I not tap the frets with a hammer and try to glue them?. The frets are StewMac jumbo and for instance I feel like I have to tap them a lot more harder than with rosewood . Do you think I need to shave the tangs a little bit? I don't really know, but I remember having trouble before with bound necks, maybe you have some advice for me, many thanks


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Alberto, I just fretted a bound ebony neck last weekend. After I bound the fretboard and scraped the binding flush and sanded a bit, I found I had to clean out the fret slots really well, especially near the edges near the binding. I also found that, no matter how careful I was glueing the binding, some glue ended up near the edges in a few slots. I cleaned the slots as best I could, but ultimately I had to trim the tang back on a few. With a proper radiusing of the frets, I found they went it fine. Don't know if this could be affecting you or not.

Also, this time, I pressed the frets in and that worked great. Before, I hammered them in and found it was harder to get them to sit uniformly across the slot.

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