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Piezo Pickup In A Chambered Electric

al heeley

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Piezo bridge

I have this chambered Tele / thinline project underway, I'd like to investigate what would be involved in putting a piezo bridge in place so I can mix standard pickup output with a piezo pseudo-acoustic tone.

Do I need a specially designed bridge? If so, where can i find one?

Would it need a pre-amp to balance the output signals?

Anyone with experience or advice on fitting a piezo system to an electric guitar?

Many thanks!


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I use a graphtech Ghost piezo system in my tele style guitar. It sounds great and was easy to install. The only downside is the wire from each saddle to the connector block is visible on the bridge plate. A small price to pay for great tone. I suppose I could have drilled holes under each saddle and fed the wires through them but... I didn't :D

It has a quick switch for choosing mags, piezo or blend modes. Also a stereo output so you can sent the mag signal to one rig and the piezo signal to another.

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