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Wanted: Carved Body Blanks For Copycarver

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Hi All,

I'm looking to find carved blanks for carving a Les Paul using a copy carver. I would only need about 1 inch thick with just the top carve. My other choice would be to buy a cheap Epiphone LP and use that. I don't have one I could borrow, besides if I told them what I was doing with it I think they would kick me out the door. Seems like if you already have a copy carver and made LP then you might be able to make me a blank. Pine would work fine if I was carful. I really don't think I would have much luck doing a hand carve. Maybe Basswood would make a good master as it supposed to be good to carve. I have a ES-335 a ES 175 and a ES -137 but they are to big. Maybe if I could get a scrap/broken LP ... that would work.

Anyways if anyone can help me here I would appreciate it.



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