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Salvaging This Neck

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I've got this 1967 Stratocaster neck that I'd like to use as a core, to rescue it from the trash, you know. So here's what I'd like to do. First, cut off the headstock and scarf joint a reverse headstock profile onto it, then take off the fretboard and replace it with a preslotted birds eye maple one I have in my shop. Then sand and refinish. What do you guys think about this? Is it something that can be relyed on to stay together or is it a pipe dream? Comment requested. Thanks :D:DB)

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It's a Fender? Sell the thing--you'll find some vintage bozo willing to pay you a couple grand for it. Then you can buy a new neck.


old fender parts sell for quite a lot on ebay

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You're kidding me, right. That much huh! Well I guess I'll have to rethink this. I've got a Mahogany blank all gled up, maybe I'll use it. MMMMMMM :D

Well, here's a current auction as an example:

click n be happy

Of course, this is what the guy's asking, no telling if someone's going to buy it. You could easily move yours by setting the price at a 'reasonable' range...

A lot of the vintage reissue necks are selling for as much as $500 or more these days, so for a 'real' vintage neck, you can expect more.

Just don't forget to send me my 10 percent consultation fee :D

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