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Soapys For A Tele

al heeley

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I'm in the middle of a new build project at the moment, need some advice on pup selection. It's a chambered mahogany tele body I'm putting together with a maple figured cap. I really want to put a P90 soapbar pup in the neck for a really warm bluesy sound, and was thinking of something at the opposite end of the spectrum for the bridge pup, maybe a hot rails tele pup with coil tap. This guitar will have a conventional maple tele bolt-on neck. Any views/advice much appreciated.

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Yeah, P-90's do not have a warm, bluesy sound.

If there is a word to define a P-90, it would be raw, biting, slashing...they're not smooth at all really.

Maybe in a big ole' archtop or something, but otherwise not.

If you want warm and bluesy, then use a light-duty HB, around the 6-9K range.

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this may seem like a really dumb n00b question (for that is what I am...) but how do the P90 types actually fit into a guitar body? This will have no pickguard, I'm looking at the plain standard cream P90 blocks, not the dog-ear ones. I'll rout out whatever cavity is needed but how are they secured and height-adjusted?

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