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Got Any Feedback On These Pickups.


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ok so i think i am gonna buy some emg select humbuckers to put in my les paul. one of my bros told me that they dont sound all that great, but my playing style is hardcore which is 75% palm muted opens and the rest it within the first couple of frets nad no solos what so ever.

if anyone can give me help or feedback on these, and if you need to see the one im looking at i will post up a link.



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these emg's are not active nor are they like other emg's

if you are just looking for an inexpensive change they are fine

if your looking for a "HOT" pickup keep looking

as these are kinda mellow

if your looking for a hot cheap humbucker thry GFS on ebay

i had one and it was great for a cheaper replacement

also do a forum search you will find others

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on the info about em it says they can either be wired as active or not.

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not trying to burst your bubble. just trying to help but

they can be wired to a preamp but they still wont be "active"

here are two links the emg link says nothing

the stew mac link states it in quotes

like i said im just trying to help with this info



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