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Would You Use This Wiring ?


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hi there ! im moding my ibanez, and i got some ideas i think would look great !

about the guitar ! a jem jr with gotoh floyd rose, and 3 seymour duncan pups ! (i got the guitar in a trade) !

so, i got two volume controls, and 3 humbuckers "splitable" (in the middle position i got a stacked hum)

and i will not use all the wiring in shows !! just for playing and recording at my home, so i dont care if it will be hard to change onstage !

i would like to:

wire the two pots as volume controls (one for the neck and one for the bridge pups) - i never use the tone

remove those out of phase things on the 5 way switch ! so i got only

1 - bridge

2 - bridge and middle

3 - middle

4 - middle and neck

5 - neck

and just put 3 mini switchs, so i can just turn on/off one coil from each one of the pups

what do you think ? wouldnt it get me a lot of cool sounds ? if anyone got some other ideas, please post it here !

thanks in advance

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if you used three way mini switches on/on/on

you would get all possible combinations

but neck and bridge. why not change a pot to a push pull pot

and wire the bridge or neck to that and get every combo

hum/single/phase in every position plus each pickup combo

a lot of work but would give you a better judgment on future wire jobs

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