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Are The Sides Of A Strat Neck Pocket Parallel?

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I'm working on my first guitar build and I'm making a strat-style body. The specs I found for the neck pocket are 5/8" deep, 2 3/16" wide, and 3" long. But is the pocket 2 3/16" wide from front to back or is there a slight taper to match that of the neck???


Any extra neck pocket advice you could give would also be greatly appreciated! :D

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There are many different sizes to it.

I have many different plans and templates and they all are a bit different.

I have been told that depending on the year of manufacture, Fender had different sizes, as their templates would wear on the very old ones.

Best bet is to get the neck and work from that.

Remember the space needed for the finsih. However small that might be, it should be considered.

It'll make a difference when you come to string it up and you feel the annoying lip coming over the neck pocket.

Oh, and yes, there is a slight taper. The Start pocket is straight at the edge and the Tele pocket has a rounded edge

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