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Cutting Plexiglass


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Bandsaw would prolly be best.

I often drill small holes all the way around then snap the excess pieces off, then drum sand, file, etc.

Besides roughing it out with the B-saw, it is best to use a template and a router with template following ball-bearing bit.

Jig saw, could mess it up. Better be a smooth running J-saw with the right kind of blade, and work area firmly clamped down (J-saws often cause cracks when the material being cut is able to flop around or up and down)

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well i work 12 hours a day with the stuff, we use a band saw to ruff the stuff out with a jig arm (domes and taxi signs), and a router with a fence and a half round (bull nose) bit to round the edges so they're nice and comfy,


but for guitars you would just use any round over or angle peice, the problem is you have to figure out how to set up some way to keep the peice a uniform distance away from the cutter. a flush trim with a wooden template would probably be the easiest idea then use a chamfer bit with a bearing on the top to angle the edges 2302.GIF

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Since it sounds like you're limited to a jigsaw, get a narrow (skinny) fine tooth blade. Get a piece of plywood, at least 1/2" thick a little bigger than your plexi. Trace your pickguard pattern on the plexi...you can leave the protective paper on top and draw on that. If you are using your old pick guard as the pattern, mark the mounting holes closest to the edges. Drill and countersink. Use the pick guard screws and screw the plexi tight to the plywood. Clamp it solid to your work table with the overhang for you to cut. Unclamp and move the piece as your cutting progresses. Getting a nice smooth polished edge will take some sanding and MicroMesh is what I used after the rough sanding and hand beveling with sanding blocks. Heres a Strat trem cover I made...good luck.


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