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Tremelo Saddles

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I've been repairing a guitar that has a floyd rose trem (w/ the string speed loader) and i took the whole thing apart to clean.. now I've got it back together and I've made all of the saddles parallel and I was wondering how to balance them out, b/c I noticed when I took them apart they looked like they were balanced..

here is an auction of one like mine


You see how theirs are all over the place.. Yeah well mine are parallel and I wanted to adjust them the way they need to be..

Thanks For All Of You Guys' Help


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You need to learn how to set the intonation.

Do a search on intonation, there are several ways to go about it, but be prepared to spend 2 hours between setting intonation, stretching strings, tuning up, retuning, retuning, retuning, and setting post heights. :D

Actually the one in the picture looks pretty accurate, give or take, and when you're done, yours should look pretty similar to it.

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What you're referring to is intonation. It's a pain on a Floyd Type floating bridge, but it just takes time.

1: Plug your guitar into the tuner.

2: Play the open string and tune to pitch.

3: Fret the tuned string at the 12th fret. It will be flat or sharp.

4: If the note is sharp, then move the saddle slightly away from the neck (extending string length).


If the note is flat, then move the saddle slightly towards the neck (shortening string length).

5: go back to step 2 and repeat until the string is in tune open and at the 12th fret.

With a strat style bridge, it's easy because you just use a Phillips head screwdriver to move the saddle forward or back. With locking or double locking trems, you have to detune the strint, unlock the saddle at the allen nut, move the saddle forward/backward, and then retune. It's a complete pain. Dan Erlewine shows a tool in one of his setup books that looks to make it easier, but I've always done it by hand.


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