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First Solid Ash Body

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so like it says;

my plan is to washcoat it with tung oil; pore fill, stain and seal with more tung;

is that (besides all the work filling the grain) basically the call of things?

i dont have the filler yet, i want to keep everthing oil;i'm assuming i have to; i always like tung oil, unless its aburl or something spalted

should i stain before pore fill or after;

my thinkin was (after 1st washcoat) either i want to stain the entire piece and fill the remaning divets with filler; or i want to fill the pores and stain over everything; but idont know if the the fill will take on the color?

i think turqoise grain on "jet as you can" black would look pretty fancy

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Whatever you do, don't oil it, then expect a sealler/filler/stain/etc to penetrate or adhere.

I'd advise stain, seal, filler, top coat with clear. You could possibly overcoat with oil, but that is less likely to protect the filler/dye from coming off.

If in doubtm experiment on scrap!

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i get whaty your saying, but the only thing i dont like about staining right onto wood is the blotchiness; for staining i always put a bit of oil first so the stain is more even; and if i stain it jet black, by the time i reach my colour most the pores will be clogged up

are you telling me then its no good for filler and oil?

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