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Wiring Problems


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I recently wired a Les Paul guitar with Seymour Duncan pickups. When I plug the guitar into my amp, the guitar works fine when the neck pickup is the one selected by the pickup selector, and it works fine when both the neck and the bridge are being used. however, when the bridge pickup is selected, nothing happens. No sound, nothing. I'm wondering if it might have to do with the wiring of the pots b/c I had a lot of trouble soldering the wires onto the pots and the wires kept coming off the pots. Any suggestions on what to do? I really need help...I've been working on this guitar for about 10 months, and if turns out that it doesnt work, I'm gonna flip. Either reply to the post or email me at dukehamerguy454@aol.com.


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If it's a les paul style then the pots are prior to the switch. If they were the cause you wouldn't get output in the middle position.

I'm thinking it's the switch. Something like a wire, shielded cable, something like that being pushed against a contact or lug when the bridge pickup is selected shorting it to ground.

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