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Router Template Bearings

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What is the purpose behind using a router template bearing when routing out a body? And do you put in the bearing and then the bit? Sorry if im sounding dumb :D

You would use a bit with a bearing while using a template. The bearing rides against your template so that the router can track along the shape of the template while making its cut.

You may want to take a look at a recently started thread on woodworking books. Click this link to see my post on some books I have found useful in trying to learn about woodworking. Look at the rest of the thread for other ideas. Also, as I mention in that post the local library is often a great resource for books on woodworking, routing, and other woodworking tools. A quick search in Google should also give you some sources on the basics of routing while using a template.

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Thanks I appreciate it. :D

glad I can help. I'm a newbie at woodworking and I understand that sometimes these questions have to be asked in order to get yourself oriented. :D

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