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Vinyl Decals (jokeson Logo)?

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I've just finished my RR-project. I inserted no decal on the headstock because I like it the way it is (nothing but black paint) but a guy who is interested in buying the guitar I've built would like to have some vinyl decals on it - some stars to the body and a Jokeson-logo to the body. I remember seeing some one selling these joke-versions of Jackson logos on Ebay but I couldn't find any today.

Do you happen know where I could buy the decals I need? Once I bought vinyl KISS logo from 1stdecals.com but that site doesn't exist anymore. My "client" prefers vinyl because one can loosen them of guitar if they somehow start to look stupid or something.

I'm sorry for my bad english but I really need help in searching these decals.

Best regards,


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