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Jem Output Jack Question

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So I'm building a guitar with a JEM-style output jack. I have an RG style output jack right now that attaches to the body by a plate designed to go on the bottom corner. What could I do to fit the output jack at the JEM-style location? It looks like I could just bend the plate so it would screw onto the side of the guitar flat and then drill perpendicular to the bottom of the guitar. Does anyone have any similar experiences? Any comments would be appreciated.

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You could do that, but it wouldn't be a JEM style (angled) jack. If you want a JEM jack, throw away the plate and counterbore the jack into the body wood at the right angle. You need a jack like this:


Use something like a Forstner bit to drill the recess hole with a flat bottom for the jack to seat on. You don't need a plate unless you really want one.

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