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Removing Poly Finish From Neck

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I'm a newbie at refinishing and forgive me if I'm asking a beaten to death question!

Here goes-

I'm relicing a blonde Hwy 1 tele and it's coming along wonderfully. That matte finish really takes and holds kiwi and it looks great. I did the muriatic acid thing for the chrome and that too came out great- with one exception- my slug barrel was on the back of my workbench. It has grown about 1/8" with bubbly rust, I guess I won't be using THAT anymore! Didn't even see the dang thing as it was under a towel.

I don't want to screw up the neck. I need to remove the poly finish on it before commencing with the tinting. Has anyone got a good and somewhat easy way to do do this? I don't want to lose the decal and you should know I am not a super skilled wood worker like most of you folks.

Any directions would be much appreciated!



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