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This one took me quite a while to complete, a good year and a half.


As you can see a couple parts here and there are missing but its playable and screams quite well.


Purple Heart Body

Purple Heart and Black Walnut Neck thru, 3 piece w/ scarf joint

22 fret Bolivian Rosewood Fretboard

Clear 2 part poly finish w/ finishing wax on the neck

Grover Tuners

Duncan Distortion Pickups

3 way vol vol tone

Gibson ABR-1 bridge w/ V string thru tail piece like the originals

Black pickguard from WD (dont ever buy a custom pickguard from them complete ripoff)

Bone Nut




Body Front

Whole back

Headstock Back

Body Back


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Awesome! :D There is no cooler guitar than a flying v! Looks great, and that's some nice looking wood you got there.

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That is freaking beautiful. Have you put it on a scale? Just wondering how heavy a solid purpleheart guitar weighs. Also, did you just use clear over the purpleheart or did you tone it with anything?

I resawed a 2 in thick chunk of purpleheart I obtained to veneer a bass top and back (mahogany center). Was afraid it would be far too heavy going with solid purpleheart.

Again - nice work :D

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Id say its in the 10 lb range. It doesnt feel that heavy though because of the actual shape of the body. The soloist I made that also had a solid purple heart body, was heavier, probably 11-12lbs and thats a much smaller compact guitar. The main reason it was heavier was because of the piece of wood I used.

There is no toner in the finish. Just an epoxy grain fill, which, using clear or yellow translucent epoxy makes the grain turn black and gives it a cool effect. Then clear over the top. Ive tried staining purple heart with black dye and it doesnt do anything other then make the purple pop more then it already does with clear on it.


PS no its not too heavy my 7 lb Gibson Flying V's are a bit light for my taste.

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Sooo... frickin.... sweeeeeet.....

Dunno if my back would be up to it, though. <grunts like an old man>

But dang that looks great.

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I like it very much

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I personally play metal, from MetallicA to Slayer to Megadeth and Lamb of God. I also dable in classical but all of my guitars are set up so that I can play just about anything with them and get a decent tone. Part of that too is the amp im using, which is a Mesa Single Recto through a Marshall 4x12.


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