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Neon Binding And Inlay Material...

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i want/need some neon colored binding and inlay material for a project i am about to start. i cannot find any you guys know of any places or ways i could acquire this stuff. even sheets of plastic that i could cut to make the binding and inlays out of would work. im looking for neon pink, green, yellow, orange, and red. thanks for your help.

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Moon glow at the bottom of the page - only stuff i've seen but perhaps messers Lavin or Scuttle have someone else.

Can't say I know of anyone. You are definately look for some type of plastic. No natural, or natural processed material is going to have a color like that. Try searching for plastic sheets and not neon inlay material. Neon inlay material you are not going to find, but someone must produce plastic sheets for neon stuff. Good luck with your search.

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As a sidenote, Perspex is available with reactive flourescent edges although this works better if the illumination is internally derived, as light gathers at the small edges. I'm using this material in 2mm to produce a glowing edge line around a guitar under the top cap ;-) Not exactly the info you required, but still....

This is UV reactive - it comes as rod, but can easily be cut to shape....


I think you meant blacklight reactive material right? Neon is not the term you should be searching for as it's just the gas used in lighting tubes....if it's not blacklight reactive stuff you're after, try fluorescent (although this also covers blacklight reactives funnily enough).

Apologies for my UK spelling correctness ;-)

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