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Mr. Larrivee...we Need To Talk

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dear mr. larrivee,

there must not be too many larrivee guitars in my little town because i just got my second one in five years in for a setup. beautiful guitar.. wonderful mellow sound..great job sir..but

your truss rod adjustment system could use a little improvement. you should know that if you have to design a special tool to make the adjustment well, an old redneck tech like me could very well put his eye out with it. not to mention the fact that i will probably go home and kick my cat tonight. not to mention that i may start drinking again..not to mention that having to use a mirror to find the hole and the right angle to make your specially designed tool work properly could cause an aneurism,,. not to mention that there has probably never been any tension on this truss rod since it was new because i had to use the mirror to find the hole and the right angle 27 times thus increasing the risk of said aneurism..not to mention that one of my best customers will probably never come in again because when he did this morning i had both hands and a mirror and your specially designed tool and to tell the truth if i had been born with a prehensel tail i would have had that sucker in the guitar all at the same time and , "what the hell do you want?" is not a proper greeting for a good customer.

thank you for your time and keep up the good work.


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