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Thirty Year Old Birch Planks

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I found six 3-5cm by 20cm by three meters birch planks that were in excellent condition and my uncle told me that they are thirty years old. Occasional end cracking, minor warping so very clean pieces. Considering that Birch is not the ultimate tonewood, how much do you guys think such a piece would be worth for a luthier, I just need to have an idea about how precious they are. Any other good suggestions for their use? High end Finnish Birch for eight kilo solidbodies for anybody who is interested :D

What is more interesting though is the piece of Curly Birch which I had to rip myself to pieces to find. I stalked the whole Finnish country and counted about thirty billion Birches before I found my wood. I now sleep with it. Its going to be a great top one of these years when I can get back to building. Its happily aging now.

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Well, you better sleep light. If you sleep too deep I will be there in a minute to help you get rid of that curly birch.

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