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ok, i'm looking into building my own reverb tank for my little prodject, but the thing is... i don't know how. i did a bit of reaseurch on the matter and it seams like it's just like a transformer only with springs, i was wondering if any body knows about this (if the springs have to be a certain distance apart or whatever) any info would be of help.


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Reverb is a very short form of Delay really...or that's how I understand it. The spring will add more flavour as you can get sounds to 'bounce' and such. I've seen some digital delay circuits but I'm not sure about reverb. If you're looking for a circuit to run a reverb tank there's one on General Guitar Gadgets I don't know if it'll be perfectly suited for this reverb but I'm sure it wouldn't take much to adapt it.


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I don't mean to be a party pooper, but why don't you just buy one? They come in all sizes and configurations and they don't cost that much. Finding parts that will work well for a reverb tank is not going to be easy and I really don't think that you'll be happy with the performance with the sorts of parts that you can get at the hardware store... :D

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