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Minarik "ocean Burst"

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How would I go about doing this? translucent paints? or just staining different colour? I really like it and think it'd look incredible on a carved top LP. Link

EDIT: Fixed link, also thought it'd be a better idea to use one of Rob Thorne's guitars as a better example. Better quality finish in my opinion than the Minarik one.

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The way i'd do it (which may or may not be right haha) would be to bleach (if the maple isn't that pure color) the maple, seal the body with 5-7 coats of clear, spray your tinted clear.


Edit: It also looks like there's a lighter color before the dark blue, so i'd bleach the maple, dye the burst that light blue color, seal it and spray your tinted blue for the burst.

Carrieburst anybody? :D

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Um... I'm not to sure how that happened :D When I set up the hyperlink, it said in the posting part that it was to minarikguitars.com. I know it probably seems like I'm saying this to cover up my error, but I swear lol Some kind server error? I dunno. And no, I don't like Dragonforce. I'd rather just go turn on my NES and put castlevania on the main screen instead of listening to them :D I'll fix the link now

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You're not going to get that finish unless you own spray equipment and know how to use it.

But if you do, then it's clearcoat/turquoise/blue, that's it, no bleaching required, although you can if you want to, what you really need is a a clear piece of white Maple (no defects/mineral streaks/discoloring) to get you going.


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