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Strat Bridge Pickup - No Sound


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Hi all,

I've just changed pickguard on my strat and all of a sudden my bridge pickup isn't outputting:

The diagram below shows exactly how mine is wired (standard factory wiring)

None of the wires have come loose or are damaged, everything looks exactly in order.

The neck and middle pickups are working fine.

I'm sure it's not a selector problem as when I select the bridge pickup and tap the soldered area (pointed out in green) it makes the expected tapping/clicking sound, although when I tap the polepieces or magnets they make no sound at all.


Could I have a dead pickup?

If so should I expect to hear the clicking sound when I tap the soldered area?

Any help appreciated please.



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humm....intresting...it sounds like it might be a dead pickup..check that the wire from the bobbin is still connected to the little eyelets. If you have a multi meter then you can check for resistance in the coil, if it wont read then its dead. I'd be very supprised if it was a magnet problem. Hope that's remotely helpful.


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