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Volume Pot. Distance.


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I am building a small guitar from some lumber my uncle gave me years ago.

It is narrow so the body will be small.

It will have one volume pot and I am debating whether to place the pot. at the lower cutaway or the upper bout. That will mean running cable about 10 inches to the pickup and jack.

Is that a problem and how will it be best to avoid unwanted hum and interference?



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The pickup wire should be shielded and it will go directly to the volume pot, then a shielded wire to the jack from the pot should work well.

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This is waht I got:

A Seymour Duncan, SH-1n '59 Zebra.

The wire is covered in a braided metal and is 12" long.

That goes to the pot, but what about the wires from the pot to the jack?

Any recommendation for wire?

Is there a difference in 'neck' pickup versus 'bridge' pickup?

Which side of the pickup goes up?

I mean which is toward the bass side and which goes toward the treble side?

Silly question when you know, but I don't.

Thanks for the help,


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If the coils of the pickup have the same amount of windings the orientation may not matter. You can use some low-noise shield microphone wire to go to the jack.

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