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Northern Ash Bass Neck

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Northern ash is a very strong and hard wood. While I've never seen it used for a neck before, I have no reason to believe it wouldn't work so long as you choose a nice straight-grained-- preferably quartersawn-- piece. Ash can tend to have a pretty wild grain, and while that kind of grain makes for stunning bodies, it also makes for stunningly unstable necks. Choose your wood wisely, though, and you can avoid most problems down the line.

The only concern I would have is that ash has an extremely open grain, and may not be the most comfortable wood to play on when compared with a tight grained, closed-pore wood like maple. You will need to use grain filler if you want a hard finish to go on smooth, and I'd recommend a hard finish to enhance the stability and cleanliness of your wood, as ash is light enough that it'll show dirt and grime like nobody's business with only oil finish.

I'd love to see this bass come to fruition; it's creative builds like this that make PG.com what it is.

Best luck, and post pics!

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It shall certenly have gloss nitro finish, as I like that kind of instruments, also it is going to be ash-walnut-ash laminate neck, fretless, I still canot decide cherry or pear fretboard.

I`m living in Serbia, so obtaining exotic african-south american wood is dificult (And too expencive) for me, so I do experiment a lot.

I`ll be making that bass when I finish guitar I,m building now.

Strat configuration, jazzmaster-like body, maple-maple neck (Not build by myself I must admit, this ash bass neck is going to be my first), wild pear body naturaly dried since 1947.

Also, I`m planing a guitar with some plum tree parts.

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Lol then u can put rakija in it too :D

Good luck with your guitar mate, and post some pictures when u are done.

Offtopic: What part of serbia are you from btw? :D

I`m from Kragujevac (Sumadija), but I live in Belgrade. And You do not put Rakija in Plum, You make it from Plum. Barells for rakija are made from mulberry.

Plum is the nicest wood I have seen, it can have violet, black and pink streaks in generaly orangish wood.

Is there anyone on forum making guitars from fruit trees?

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Great and fun,

I drink, and make rakija,

I have never realised that plum is hard enough to make a fretboard.

Also, how making body cavities influences the bass sound, does it becomes fuller and deeper or sharp, and does that influences sustain?

I have made one bass it looks much like stingray, but it`s passive and has walnut/oak body, sounds good, but heavy as lead.


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