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More Verhoeven Inlay

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This first inlay is for my good friend Bruce Dickey from the OLF board, and Dickey Guitars, and they'll be going on a no doubt gorgeous acoustic guitar.

So without further adeu here's my "Moorish Idols Swimming Against A Current"


I know that photo's a little far away and you can't see detail, but I wnted to show the whole thing so you could see the the fish mark frets 5 and 12, while the ends of the current lines mark the 7th, 9th, 15th,a nd 19th frets. So not is it elegantly simplistic yet artful, it's also a useful fret marking inlay.

So see them up closer you can look HERE!

In other news I've also been working on some PRS style truss rod covers, the covers aren't fully cut to shape yet, but all the inlay work is done. Here's my first 3, and also my first 3 design types: Mini Solar System, Poor Man's PRS Dragon, and The Winged Serpent: HERE!

Enjoy, Comment, Etc.


PS: Sorry for the strange glares and poor focus and what not... my camera is a little dodgy.

PPS: All inlays are only sanded to 220 grit... so there will be even MORE shine to come :D

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:D I am definitely a fan of your work. I've only seen these inlays and that recent frog one, and I am stunned. Making detailed inlays like these takes lots of patience and precision. I have a hereditary problem where my hands shake, probably making it impossible to any detailed inlays, so I truly am jealous when people make such beautiful inlays. Great job, I really like the truss rod cover too! :D
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