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What Type Of Figure Is In This Ash?

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On one of my rounds around town I found this piece of ash (Insert all the pun you want here) and I thought it had such a cool pattern to the grain but I had never seen it before in ash. It almost looks like a birdseye pattern just with large birdseyes. Is it?

If not, can anyone tell me what the figure is called?

The entire 12 foot plank has it end to end, and since it is 13+" wide and 3/4 thick, I can get six, one piece tops out of it. I hope you can see enough detail in the pics.


Thanks as always guys, Terry D.

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I think thats called cool. :D Looks like it has a bit of wide curl. It is flatsawn so the wide curl kida rolls. What does the board look like on its edge (can you see bands of curl?). It is kinda hard to say looking at a pic, but look at the grain on edge and see if it looks like the grain interlocks a bit (kinda looks like it might).

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Fry, yep I can see a loose curl on the side, almost more of a wavy pattern every inch or two. So would I describe it as wide curly ash? Ash with a slight curl? Thanks.

I'm thinking about using a dark grain fill and a color dye for a couple of these, maybe burst a couple and I don't know about the others. As far as the grain goes, should look good with about anything, even straight clear, whatdoyathink?

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