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so i woke up about a week ago and took an early morning stroll around the block, i walked up on a First act bass in a trash can (probably for good reasons) and the only thing wrong with it is the nut was broken.

so i took it to the local music store to get a nut and have it put on figuring it wouldnt be more than a couple of bux when the guy at the counter said it would be 25 dollars to fix it because he had to custom fit one (he is full of **** too.). so i ordered a nut off of ebay for 50 cents and it fit right in. i got all black hardware and im in the process of painting it and i will post pictures in a few day. wish me luck.


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What makes you think the guy was lying? Take a look at stewmac, they have stanardized nuts for fenders and gibsons(I believe), but first act? of course not. Time is money for techs, and it could take them a good half an hour to get that nut fitted and slotted to their requirements. You have to figure that out of that $25, they're paying a buck or two for a nut, they're paying the tech, and the store's taking a chunk out for itself. Welcome to the real world.

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