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Refret? How Hard?

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So... One of my main guitar is in dire need of a refret... The frets need to be crowned and there's about 1mm left of frets, so it's pretty obvious it needs one.

So i'd like to know how hard is it for a beginner to refret a guitar? If I take my time how well can I expect my fretting to be? Because As far as I can tell, it seems like it would cost me as much to have the guitar refretted than to buy the tools needed for it...


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Your main guitar is not the one to try your first fretjob on!

You can probably get the tools to refret your guitar for as much (or less) than the price of a refret, but you'll want to have several fretjobs under your belt before you risk a guitar you're attached to.

I'd advise getting it professionally done, or getting some pawn shop junkers to practice on before you try a guitar of any financial or emotional value.

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