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A Little Design Help?.....

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I've been working on a design for a Gibson SG Limba neckthrough. I've still got a ways to go, and a few questions. The one part of guitar making I'm still quite lost in is the electronics area (wiring, how it works, etc.). Which leads to my first question...I am thinking, for pickups, a mini-humbucker and a P-90. I don't know exactly which position each would be in, but how do you think that would workout?

I am also curious about adding a maple top. It would be more for acoustic properties than looks. Generally speaking, how would it affect the tone? My understanding is that it would make it a bit brighter?

What would be a good wood to laminate in the neck? Something that might not alter the tone too terribly much. And a good fretboard wood. SO many choices. I like ebony, ziricote, wenge, rosewood, etc. Dark woods are my favorite. What would match up good with limba, acoustically? Something that would maybe accent the Limba and also help articulate the sound.

Man, so many questions. I'm still learning :D a lot about this so I hope you'll forgive me for any newbishness :D.

By the way are there any really good books on finishing and books on wiring that you could recommend? I've got Hiscock's book (which is awesome, by the way) but I am looking for some specifically dealing with those areas.

Thanks a ton,


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1. Maple was used by Gibson in the Les Paul originally to improve sustain, but did brighten the sound. Note: Big difference in body thinckness between a Les Paul and an SG, the Les Paul will normally have a lot more mids and lows - maybe the Maple on the SG might make it a touch too bright?

2. Wiring: cannot specify a particular book, but have you checked out the Gutar Nuts forum? Everything you can imagine to do with pickups, electronics, diagrams even certain makes of capacitor.

3. For more detailed info on finishing, first check ot reranch.com, then have a look thru books available on woodworking and furniture in a good hardware store.

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As far as the maple goes, you're building a neckthrough? Is that going to be a maple neck? If so, you're going to be routing your pickups right into the maple, which should give you a brighter sound than a traditional SG (total mahogany). I might want to agree with Heely in that a maple top might be a bit much.


/\ I'd check there for some wiring diagrams. I don't think they have a P and a mini together, but I'm sure they have both separately.


/\ Warmoth just did over their neck woods section with a cool rating system. It should give you some ideas for fingerboard woods. Keep in mind that Limba is said to be very similar, acoustically, to mahogany.

Good luck!

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