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Rustin's Plastic Coating

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Well, I've decided that I would like to finish my guitar off with this, or something similar, but there's one small problem: I can't find any company that's willing to ship to the US.

This leads me to my first question: Does anyone know of any companies that ship this product to the US? If so, please tell!

If not, what are some similar products that would work fine in finishing off a guitar with aniline dye on it?


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First off, why are you so intent on using the rustins? I have used it on a few guitars but that was only because it was the easiest thing i could find here in the UK.

You have lots of other finish choices available to you, i am curious to know what the appeal of the rustins is.

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Actually i do like rustins alot, i used it on my first 14 guitars!! It worked great as a brush on finish and it dries really hard, really fast. I am planning on getting some more because i have some guitars that need spraying for novemember and there is no way Nitro will be hard enough in time because the guitars are not even finally made yet. This time we will be spraying it instead.

The only reason i wondered was because i only ever used Rustins because it was all i could find locally in the UK that i could brush on. It usually seems that you people in the US have far more choices than us anyway.

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This is interesting. Does it flow out well or leave many brush marks?

Do you need to build up many coats?

Do you wet sand to finish it and buff up with T-cut?

I've only ever sprayed it on guitars, but it builds quickly, and is buffed out most effectivrely with a Rustin's product caled 'Rustin's Burnishing Paste'.

You can see it gets plenty shiny:


More pics in the gallery of my website here. All the guitars are finished in Rustin's plastic coating, and buffed with burnishing paste on a drill mounted foam pad.

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This is the last guitar i did with brushed on rustins before farming my finishing out to my cousin and his compressor:


It does build really quickly and mostly levels out in the few minutes it takes to dry. You do get a few brush marks which makes it worth sanding flat every few coats and thinning the last couple of coats ever so slightly.

Matttheguy:- I have used this, it doesnt build as well as the rustins or dry as hard but the results i got where ok, took a lot of work though:


Here's the guitar:


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