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Restoring A Harmony Broadway.help!

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Just got a Harmony Broadway that needs help.Looks like this started out as a Burst guitar that was chemically stripped.Not sure if it was the stripper that caused the damadge or careless storing but all the old hide glue has gone brittle and lost it's adhesion.The neck block and tailpiece block are still tight to the sides but have completely seperated from the top and back.This has caused the neck to cave in and break the fretboard even with the top of the body.The loss of adhesion was so complete that it took only 10 minutes to cleanly remove the back.The top seems mostly secure to the kerfing and the 2 braces but the glue still seems brittle.The binding is completely intact(!!) but is seperated for about 6 inches either side of the neck.My question would be is there any way to make sure that the top will remain tight (I don,t want to have to remove the beautifully intact checkerboard binding)without removing and regluing the top.This is what looks to be an unplayed guitar.The finish on the neck is origional burst and is in as new condition other than some finish cracking.The frets are perfect and tailpiece and bridge are also origional.I know that this is not an expensive old archtop but I really would like to save her and would like to do it only once.Any tips would be greatly appreciated.This has what looks to be solid maple arched top and back.Thanks Rich

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